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Understanding Our Social World || Sociology 



Discussion 2:


Explain the significance of culture, social structures, social institutions, and stratification.


  • Provide some details from the textbook to support your responses. Complete your citations and references accordingly.




Conley, D. (2013). You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist. (3rd edition). W.W. Norton & Company Publisher




GSOC 101: Discussion 2 || Understanding Our Social World


The proper functioning of social life depends upon how efficiently and consistently each member of the different groups performs his/her role in the social system. The following factors ensure smooth running; culture, social structures, social institutions, and stratification. They influence the operation of the community.

Social structures are patterned social arrangement of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together. It plays significant roles in the community. These includes rules of property that determine the use and possession of scarce goods by outlining territorial boundaries. There is also the arrangements within the structure of sexual reproduction, care and education of children. These take the form partly of kinship and marriage relations.

Social institutions are a system ofinterrelated behavioral and relationship patterns that function across the entire society. They manage the behavior of individuals in core areas of society. For example, institutions in the realm of education and training ensure the transmission and cultivation of knowledge, abilities, and specialized skills. Systems in the field of law, governance, and politics provide for maintenance of social order.

Social stratification is a system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy. Examples of these classesinclude the upper, middle, and lower class. Specifies the part a person is supposed to play in activities of his/her group. Individuals differ regarding occupation. The basis of the social system is a division of labor whereby there is an assignment of specific tasks to every person. The expected workperformed by a person makes up the role heis to play in the community, social position("Role and Status of Social Stratification,", 2017).

In conclusion, for the social system to run efficiently, these factors must be taken into consideration. They ensure proper division of labor and that all institutions play their part in the society. As a result, there will be harmonious living among the affected community.




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