Story Map Picture Book

Nov 27, 2023

Story Map Picture Book


The lesson will be based on the book titled “The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. 


The story is set in nature or outside in a field with some leafy plants. It is at night, under the moonlight.


The story starts with an egg laying on a green leaf. It is night, and there is moonlight.

[insert a picture of a caterpillar egg on a green leaf at night and a shining moon].

Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning, the Sun rises. The egg hatches into a very hungry and tiny caterpillar. The caterpillar starts to move around, looking for something to eat because it is hungry.

[a picture of the morning sunlight and a little green caterpillar]


The little hungry and green caterpillar eats one apple on Monday. However, he is still hungry. Since he was not satisfied, he continued looking for more food.

[a picture of an apple, with a hole showing where the caterpillar ate through, a caterpillar moving on plants, the Sun in the sky]


The caterpillar eats through two pears. However, he is also not full and keeps moving to look for more food.

[a picture of two pears with bite holes, the Sun in the sky, and the caterpillar moving on green plants or the surface]


The green caterpillar eats three plums, but they do not satisfy him. He keeps looking for more food.

[pictures of three plums, the Sun, and a caterpillar moving on the surface]


He eats four strawberries and continues to look for more food since he is still hungry.

[picture of four strawberries, the Sun, and a moving caterpillar on the surface]


He eats five oranges and still looks for more food.

[picture of five oranges, the Sun, and a caterpillar]


He eats one piece of ice cream cone, cheese, and salami. He also eats a lollipop, one sausage, and watermelon. Eating too much made the caterpillar's stomach hurt.

[picture of watermelon, ice cream cone, cheese, salami, sausage, lollipop, a caterpillar rolled up].


The caterpillar ate through a green leaf and started feeling better. He had grown into a fat and big caterpillar and was satisfied. The caterpillar built a cocoon around himself. He stayed in the cocoon for two weeks where he turned into a beautiful butterfly.


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