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Socialization and the Social Construction of Reality Assignment 


Most people tend to feel uneasy when breaking certain social norms, or at least getting around them which is frequently embodied by other people’s behaviors. For example, every time one enters a new social circle, one experiences judgment. This natural phenomenon exerts social pressure on an individual and results in an alteration in behavior. People tend to act like that because they are afraid of possible ostracization.

Constrained socialization is acquiring norms and values without having chosen to do so(Lamotte, 2017). This phenomenon shows how much humans tend to playact and lays emphasis on the fearsome power exerted by norms. Some people would experience social condemnation if they ended up behaving differently. Our fear of being rejected fills the strength of such a mechanism, making it breakable as soon as we get rid of such fear. 




Groups and Social Network Assignment 


The social network is a social structure that has three levels: micro-level, mesolevel, and macro-level. Micro-level is one of the most important points of sociology concerning small-scale interactions between individuals, such as conversation or group dynamics. It is a recent development that is effective since people base their knowledge of the world on what has been important to them and are likely to alter what is no longer applicable to them.

Mirco-level has both benefits and shortcomings. One of the deficiencies is the fact that this approach tends to reduce people’s ability to act and overcome the confines of social structures  (Thompson, 2017). An example is that it focuses on what people do rather than the social conditions and policies that cause them to act in that way. An advantage is that one gains a deeper perspective when they strictly home in on an individual worker’s performance that they would have otherwise overlooked. For example, an employer may decide to examine the interactions between an employee and a customer. In the case of a problem, proper training of a particular task takes place.

In conclusion, the social norms of a particular location dictate the way society behaves. Every human being will experience social constraint at one point in their life. Micro-level sociology is best practiced in micro-businesses or institutions.



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