Robert Dzienkanski Death Analysis Paper


Did the Police have the authority to arrest Dzienkanski?

The police had the authority of arresting Robert Dzienkanski due to his disruptive mannerisms. From the video, he can be noted behaving erratically in a secure section of the international arrival i.e. throwing various items against the glass walls and shouting. Moreover, when approached by the police officers, he failed to effectively comply be composing himself and calmly responding to any inquiries made.




Was the Use of the CEW an appropriate level of force?

The utilization of the CEW was extremely inappropriate since this level of force is reserved for actively resistance cases. Robert Dzienkanski depicted level 2 type of resistance that involves the perception of verbal resistance that involves yelling, and poses in a manner that suggests pre-assaultive behavior. Based on the video, he did not directly assault any police officer but only damaged property.




What could the RCMP officers have done differently?

The communication process was inadequate since Robert spoke in Polish, a West Slavic Lnaguage while the police officers used their native language, English. The language barrier resulted in the individual becoming more agitated and frustrated. Moreover, he might have been experiencing disorientation and disheveled which is common after long flights due to fatigue. Level 2 resistances require the police officers to utilize holds, handcuffs, and leg restraints. This would have effectively sufficed since there were four well-able police officers at the scene against an individual. 




What do you believe contributed to his death?

Poor communication skills by the police officers and airport employees

Wrongful utilization of CEW i.e. teaser



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