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Leaders use systems-based practice to empower other nurses. Considering your current or former clinical setting (mother/baby dept.), share how you will use principles of systems-based practice to grow in your role as a leader in nursing. Include a scholarly outside source to support your answer.





System-Based Practice Answer


"Nursing organizations" foundation is system-based practice, which enhances quality, safety, and results. It's a theory-based approach that helps clients comprehend necessary research from nursing and other fields (Johnson, 2021). Multidisciplinary patient rounds, methods for respectful interdisciplinary responses to patient care problems, and team-building events would all be part of the successful adoption of systems-based practice. At the site, I have the option of adopting a variety of child-serving SBPS.

The SBPS principles will be a cornerstone for establishing myself as a leader at the clinic while working in the mother-child department. To ensure that the moms get the best medical care at the clinic, I will collaborate with other nurses and physicians in the delivery specialty. I may use the concepts to push for coordinated post-delivery care for mothers. I'll urge my fellow nurses to guarantee that moms and infants get the most excellent care and rehabilitation possible after birth or during regular checks. Advocating for high-quality maternal-child care will assist the clinic's nurses to develop optimum delivery systems and establish the clinic as the best delivery center in the area.

Some women who do not have full medical coverage may have difficulties during birth in the clinic setting. SBPS will allow me to integrate cost awareness and risk-benefit analysis factors into the mother and child department, ensuring that moms get the best care possible while staying within their budgetary constraints. The clinic's nurses will embrace collaboration by using the concept of teamwork, which will significantly enhance the efficiency of births and neonatal care. Although I will be labelled a whistleblower, the SBPS will allow me to be at the forefront of detecting delivery system problems at the clinic and in the community and pushing for possible remedies when delivery or newborn care errors occur.





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