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Just Culture Approach To Managing Medication Errors


Many of the errors in health care are linked to system or process failures. In other situations errors will arise that are linked to recklessness, carelessness, human error, and blatant disregard for policy and process. In your initial post, describe the concept of fair and just culture. Identify one error that occurs as a result of an individual's motives or behaviors, and determine what steps should be taken to address the findings within a just culture.




Fair and Just Culture In Managing Medical Errors 


The concept of fair and justice culture mainly entails an approach in the medical field that emphasizes on the need accountability and learning over exercising blame and punishment. The approach usually recognizes that forbidding of errors mainly do not prevent the errors from happening.  The health care providers use the understanding of mistakes to improve the provision of health services thus reducing the chances of future errors occurring. Furthermore, through the adoption of the approach usually does not mean doing away with the disciplinary system of the organization due to the reduction of the blame. However, the approach helps in focusing more on the future ways of reducing and preventing errors rather than concentrating on individual’s punishment.

Some of the errors that may result from the motives or the behaviors frequently involve undermining the effectiveness of the performances of the team. The team performances typically assist in reducing the number of errors that arise as the medical staffs carry their duties. Some of the steps that help in achieving fair and just approach entails having constant concerns over the possibilities of the failures. The health department should also understand and adapt to the potential of unexpected errors from occurring. Moreover, the firm should also know and concentrate on their tasks through having a sense of big picture of what one should do. The decision to deal with such errors should base their concern themselves on the performances of the team. In conclusion, the concept of the fair and just culture provides a critical platform for the medical department to make improvement rather than concentrating more on individual’s errors. It would help the department deal with safety concerns of the patients thus providing better services.




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