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Emotion and Decision Making Psychology Paper 


SM has no fear; she lives entirely without this one emotion due to a rare medical condition.  One might reason that her life should be perfect, but it is not. According to psychologist Paul Ekman, all humans are born with six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise.


You can read more about other and more global ideas of what the range of emotions are here:




After you have contemplated being hardwired with a set of six emotions, listen to the podcast about SM, start around minute 11 if you are pressed for time.  Then, speculate and discuss why we need fear and anxiety, how it can cause us mental distress, and how it shapes a healthy life. What do you think her existence is like without one of the basic emotions? How might it affect your parenting, driving, crossing the street, and so forth? Finally, If you could choose to eliminate one of your emotions, which one would it be and why?


A podcast about SM:






Discussion Topic - Life Without Fear and Anxiety


It is important to comprehend that fear is considered the most powerful emotion and has a substantial effect on people’s minds and bodies. For example, fear plays a vital role in creating significant response signals when an individual is in danger or certain emergence. For instance, SM experienced knife and gunpoint, but she did not feel fear. Although she was in dangerous situations, she did not react to the circumstances. In particular, this is dangerous because she can be hurt anytime without her knowledge. In fact, feeling fear is regarded as part of normal brain function, and lack of fear is considered substantial brain damage. The provided case indicates that a life without fear discloses an individual to dangers and risks that are easier to get rid of in case one does have fear.

I think the experience without fear exposes SM to various risks and dangers without her knowledge. For instance, when a strange man who pointed a knife at her called her, she would have run away or asked for her if she felt fear. In simple terms, life without fear is dangerous, and many people can take advantage of her if they realize she does not fear. Furthermore, individuals who do not fear can make bad decisions when driving and crossing the streets. Specifically, they can cause accidents because they do not fear anything. Overall, if asked to eliminate one of my emotions, I would do away with hatred. Although the selected emotion is important to my life, I would eliminate it because I do not love it as it clouds my mind.


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