Law Sample Paper 2018: Bloomberg law, Black’s Law Dictionary in Westlaw, Lexis

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is recognized as a lawful as well as trading research, news, not forgetting intelligence system planned to lead legal professional workers concentrating on providing superior consumer service. Notably, the aforementioned law plays a vital role in delivering a considerable benefit to legal professionals who take part in handling sophisticated legal matters. In particular, this is achieved by incorporating Bloomberg’s renowned news, financial, as well as company information with exceptional primary as well as secondary legal business and research development techniques. On the same note, the preceding enables subscribers’ unlimited desktop as well as mobile access to the available data in the system. It is noteworthy that the law mentioned above is a subscription-grounded service for online legal research. Similarly, the law plays a crucial part offers news data, legal content, as well as proprietary organization information to legal professionals such as attorneys and law students.

It is evident that Bloomberg Law takes part in offering access to legal evaluation as well as content, firm information, market intelligence, and practice tools. In particular, the preceding law is considered the complete solution that plays a significant role in leveraging innovative technology to affirm the way people work. With that said, the preceding law was released in the year 2009 under a pilot program. The law combines considerable content from legal evaluation, Bloomberg legal analysts reports, international news network, legal filings, as well as court dockets, mention a few. On the same note, Attorneys are allowed to draw upon search patent histories, stock charts, as well as determine data pertaining to relevant attorneys and relevant judges.

Black’s Law Dictionary in Westlaw

To begin with, Black’s law dictionary is a well-recognized legal dictionary of law that plays a vital role in offering different terms as well as definitions for both business as well as research utilization. Specifically, this is the most used law dictionary in various countries, especially the United States. In particular, the aforementioned law dictionary is known as the reference of choice to various terms in both court opinions as well as legal briefs and it has been used as a major secondary source in legal authorities in different United States Supreme Court. In the current days, the dictionary has latest versions that consist of pocket as well as abridged versions that are utilized as starting points for a student or even a layman when experiences an unfamiliar legal term.

It is important to note that an online version of the law dictionary is accessed via the paid Westlaw legal data service. Notably, West Academic has played a considerable part in publishing Black’s digital law dictionary that has toolbars that incorporate with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, and Mozilla Firefox.What is more, it is important to comprehend that the law dictionary’s second edition is in the public domain as well as prevalent online free.Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the aforementioned version is restricted because of its age. However, it is still used for different terms such as basic legal as well as legal theory with respect to their basic meaning. Moreover, the dictionary provides pronunciation guide for legal terms that are derived from Latin. In simple terms, the dictionary’s eighth edition brought in an unparalleled scheme of perpetually updated case cross-references as well as citations to various legal encyclopedias.


Lexis is recognized as an online legal data service that plays a critical role in offering full text electronic formats of statutes as well as opinions. In this case, subscribers utilize their individual computers to search or the Lexis database for adequate, relevant, and effective cases. The aforementioned service started in the year 1973. After six years, the service was joined by Nexis information as well as news services. Notably, the preceding service adds about 17 million documents every week to the already existing files online. On the same note, the Lexis service comprises fundamental archives of state as well as federal case law, federal regulations, public records, and statutes from underlying U.S. states. What is more, the service has about 41 specialized libraries dealing with the available fundamental fields of practice, such as energy, global, banking, tax, environmental, as well as securities law. Notably, group files combine the existing legal data from the available jurisdictions and add sources of adequate finance, general, or even business news.

In addition, Lexis service possesses a public record service that plays a vital role in offering online access to data from chosen states pertaining to uniform commercial code liens, court dockets and indices, personal property assets, library verdicts and settlements as well as secretary of state corporation filings. In fact, Lexis is known as a comprehensive online database that is maintained as a legal research source, which has the federal tax library that contains a complete internal revenue code not forgetting various court decisions as well as internal revenue service ruling that correlate to tax law challenges. Precisely, the service plays a critical role in offering statutes as well as opinions in electronic format.