Research Paper on the Social Aspects of Alcohol Abuse and its Effects || Sociology Sample Paper


Pick one of the following topics covered so far this semester: Poverty, Education, Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Alcohol/Drugs, or Crime.
This paper has four sections:
Introduction and thesis statement
Include 5 important facts about the topic and cite your sources of information
Provide specific details about your topic as a social problem, and/or list pros and cons of the topic
Sociological paradigm
Refer to your textbook and analyze the topic using one of the three main paradigms (Conflict Theory, Functionalism or Symbolic Interactionism).
conclude by discussing how you are personally affected by the topic your chose.
Your paper should be about 1,000+ words (which is 3 – 4 pages, double-spaced).
Use info from at least three different resources and list your references.

Type of Paper Research Paper English Style English (US)
Subject Area Sociology Writer Category
Academic Level High School Sources 3
Number of Pages 4 page(s) / 1100 Words Referencing Style APA
Spacing Double Spaced



Alcohol undeniably tops the list for the most frequently used drug not only in the United States, but also across the globe. Its adverse effects, which may be physical, emotional and mental cut across all walks of life and are far-reaching. For instance, shocking statistics show that one of the primary causes of increased mortality in America is alcohol, where more than 80,000 Americans die every year due to cases related to alcohol abuse. Additionally, most road accidents are influenced by alcohol use and mostly affect the youth (Hadland et al., 2017). The direct effects of alcohol use are felt by the individual, and involve detrimental physical effects such as impaired judgment, liver damage, cardiovascular complications and long term effects such as permanent brain damage (Sullivan et al., 2010). Alcohol abuse is a major social problem that has led to numerous consequences and losses on the community and the nation in general, and continues to wreak havoc on the youth of America. It has contributed to violence and crime among other major issues that will be discussed in detail in this paper.


Violence and crime

Alcohol abuse promotes violent tendencies in individuals which manifest in different ways such as battery, sexual assault, murder, theft and rape. An individual’s judgment and perception becomes impaired, hence perpetuating aggressive behavior. Most perpetrators of violent crimes that are under the influence of alcohol partake in vices that affect the society as a whole. Increase in crime rate in the society causes fear and anxiety among the members and leads to loss of life and damage to property. According to statistics by the World Health Organization, 35% of American citizens that have committed violent crimes were either drunk or intoxicated (WHO, 2015). On the victim’s part, alcohol affects judgment and the ability to assess high risk circumstances hence leading to incidences of sexual assault (Abbey, 2002).

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