Psychology: Depression Sample Paper

Psychology: Depression Sample Paper:

The common treatments of utilized in managing and completely treating Depression
Common Depression Treatments


Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent, which make one lost interest and feel sad. Clinical depression or major depressive disorder is another name of depression. Depression affects the way you think, behave, feel, and can cause many physical and emotional problems. Depression may require a long-time treatment because depression is not a weakness but a disorder. People with depression get better when they take medication and through psychotherapy (Elder, 2018). Biological differences cause depression which appears to have physical brain change; hormones change like when one is pregnant can also cause depression. Some people get depression as an inheritance from blood relatives.

Depression can happen to any age, but it starts at teen,20s or 30s. Many people diagnosed with depression, especially women. Personal traits, like low self-esteem, can increase the risk of depression. Things like sex abuse loss of loved ones and death can also increase the rate of depression.

Depression as a medical condition

Depression symptoms can cause other medical conditions such as substance abuse, medical problems and psychiatric illnesses. Peoples with medical issues and mental illnesses can make it challenging to obtain the right diagnosis when a person id presented with the symptoms of depression. To get whether one has depression when they have other medical disorder, it requires a historical detail of someone, lab results, complete physical evaluation and psychological evaluation. The process can also involve both mental health clinician and primary care physician. The general medical condition can cause depression by affecting the regulatory system of the body. Physical illness increases the likelihood of depression as research has shown.

Abuse of substances can cause depression according to the depression association of America, which shows that about 20% of Americans who have depression; they also have substance abuse. The medication effects of the drugs removed from the substance can cause depressive symptoms. The depression that occurs only when the withdraw of the material can be referred to as substance-induced depressive disorder. Within a context of other psychiatric disorder can cause depressive symptoms. Plan of the treatment and appropriate diagnose to evaluate carefully to identify the symptoms present to the patient. Symptoms like loss of weight significantly, low frustration tolerance and distractibility can be signs of depression (Segal, & Teasdale, 2018).

Depression as a psychodynamic disorder

Psychodynamic therapy is talk that many people with depression think of when they think about depression treatment. Psychodynamic therapy is designed to help people with long-term depression to speak up. It helps those with mental conflict dew to denial of the painful emotions and attempts to reconcile. Psychodynamic help patients to understand the meaning of the depression and gain the knowledge to know the cause of the depression and its origin. People with depression sometimes avoid to communicate or share their painful emotions and thoughts with the therapist. The therapist tries to help the patients by pointing out the areas they avoid. This psychodynamic therapy believes that you must first identify the root of the depression before you get relieved.

This therapy can be useful to treat illness like mental health and other situations (Elder, 2018). The treatment has fewer risks compared to other forms of depression treatment. One may struggle to share the past, but it’s the long-term way of healing or your well-being. To prevent one from having depression its advisable that if one feels like they have depression, it is better to visit the doctor and they can describe you a combination of the therapy and medication. Psychodynamic therapy helps one to manage other disorders like panic disorder, stress-related illnesses, anxiety and personality disorders. Psychodynamic therapy helps one to understand how to maintain the situation you are in and make one know where the depression has reached. It is the therapy which commonly used to help those with depression to cope with their condition and have long-term maintenance of the disorder. Speaking out you’re though making one feel relieved even though it is not the treatment of depression, and it helps one to feel like they have taken away the burden.

Depression as a behaviorist cognitive

Theories of behavioral depression explain the depression etiology based on the science behavioral and they come up with the basis for a behavioral therapist for the depression. Depression is a disorder which is predictable that in 2030 it will be the disorder which will cause disability in the United States and the developing country. The theory of the behavioral applied explicitly to the depression emphasize on the individual reaction to the environment and how they develop (Segal, & Teasdale, 2018). People with depression, they try to maintain their location of the depression and the origin of the depressive symptom in the environment. Individuals who have depression fail to participate in social activities and keep with their problems which increase the effect and can cause mental illness. The person depressed try to cope with the situation and this cause a decrease in positive things and always negatively see all items.

There is two primary way of coping with depression, which is taken by those who have under stress. There is a ruminant and destructive way of dealing with depressive symptoms, those who focus on their feelings and the stressful event use the ruminant mechanism of solving the depression. People who use destructor mechanism does not focus on their beliefs and stressful affairs. Interacting socially and deficit in social skills are the main ways of dealing with depression, if people with depression interact with people positively, they are likely to maintain the depression easier than those who keep quiet and lock themselves (Elder, 2018). Filler to interact with others results in social isolation causing one to be more depressed and can develop negative self-concept. When one gets rejected by society, these can lead to self-rejection, causing depression. The long-term conflict between the community and the family member or those you trust can cause depression.

Humanistic theories of depression

The humanistic approach is also called humanism. This therapy focuses on individuals who have depression rather than focusing on a group of people who have the same disorder. Humanistic theory deal with the whole person by observing their behaviour and not taking opinions from the therapist (Smith, Armour, Lee, Wang, & Hay, 2018). The emphasis on the practice of the person and the positive trait, the ability to use their instinct to find growth, wisdom, healing and the fulfillment within themselves. This therapy treats other disorders such as personality disorder, anxiety and relationship issues including family relationship. People with low self-esteem, those feel like losing hope they also benefit from the humanistic therapy. Humanistic therapy focuses on what a person feels at that time, and it does not duel in the past. The individuals with depression feel free to share their feelings, without fear of judgement because the humanistic therapy provides them with the atmosphere of support, trust and empathy. The relationship between the client and the therapist is one and equal in humanistic therapy, thus making the client free to speak without fear.

The therapists in humanistic therapy are understanding, warm and non-judgmental which help them to handle many clients without difficulties. Most of the humanistic therapist has license and experience with the humanist value, which attracts more clients to seek for help. The therapist helps the client to overcome the negative influence of the society and the abusers and help them to come back and be able to make their own health choice which will enable them to grow. If these people with depression get love and care, they will fix-themselves and move on with life frequently. Help the patients to engage in social commitment and responsibility to help them build their agendas and develop they are, though, is another way of fighting depression. For one to achieve happiness to deal with depression, one should make freedom of themselves and focus on the dream you have and what you are interested in doing. One has to fight with any barrier, which will come your way to stop your success and cause you depression. The things that can help depressed person is to make sure you get back to the track and play towards your emotions and reconnect with the desired which are buried and move on with your life, that way you will prevent yourself from getting depression(Smith, Armour, Lee, Wang, & Hay, 2018).


Depression is a disorder which affects people from a different age, from young to old. Low self-esteem, sex-abuse, death and loss of loved ones can cause depression. Depression has symptoms when noted. They can help one to take the necessary treatment or maintenance. These symptoms are, lack of energy and tiredness, filling worthiness or quilt, loss of interest and pressure in most routine activities, feeling of sadness and it reduces appetite causing weight loss(Elder, 2018). Depression is preventable through boosting your self-esteem, react with friends and family, especially in time of crisis, get treated earlier before the situation worsen and consider getting long-term treatment maintenance.



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