Jul 09, 2021




Sociology Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. The reasons for anxiety during the first year of college studies.
  2. The conflict resolution methods on campus.
  3. The majority of college internship choices often become biased.
  4. The modern role of leadership and responsibility.
  5. The perception of friendship and dependability among college students.
  6. The role of social movements in making people aware of bullying.
  7. The modern day role-models versus those of the past decade.
  8. The changes in the educational field that affect new students.
  9. Should all students be given access to on-campus medical services?
  10. What are the ethical limitations of the college parties?


Sociology Research Topics on Family

Review sociology research topics list and choose the one that reflects your personal interests!

  1. Effects of divorce on children
  2. How cross-racial adoption affect children and society?
  3. To what extent should parents influence a child’s behavior?
  4. How does dingle parenting affect a child?
  5. Social programs for children who experience difficulties in communication with parents
  6. Is it possible to raise a healthy child in an unconventional family?
  7. Peculiarities of parenting at LGBT families
  8. Gender studies for children: should children learn it from childhood or is it too much?
  9. Social success middle-class children achieve
  10. Sociology of familes and marriage
  11. The work of nannies and expectations of employers
  12. How to give up helicopter parenting?


Sociology of Nationality and Race

Nationality is an example of the most contradictive topics. It is always hot and actual!

  1. How did international marriages change within time?
  2. How did international marriages influence the national consciousness of this children?
  3. What is the correlation between race and educational level?
  4. How foreign education influence further professional success?
  5. The phenomenon of the most common racial stereotypes and how truthful are they?
  6. How do racial stereotypes affect self-esteem and consciousness?
  7. The phenomenon of a patriot and its features
  8. Patriotic sentiment in different countries
  9. The correlation between social status and patriotism
  10. How different educational establishments adopt patriotism studies?
  11. How does nationality affect a career in governmental establishments?


Sociology Research Topics on Human Rights

  1. The role of social sanctions in modern society.
  2. Can a personality be resocialized?
  3. Should the concept of social status be considered a violation of human rights?
  4. The role of social norms in the educational sector.
  5. How can the human rights conflicts be solved with the help of mediation?
  6. The religious cults and the human rights legislation.
  7. Should females have the same workplace rights as male workers?
  8. The gender stereotypes and the shift of human rights.
  9. Do aesthetics have a place in the formation of basic human rights?
  10. Should the ban on spiritual practices be considered a human rights violation?


Sociology of Social Media

Modern sociology research paper topics are here:

  1. How popular are social networks among different social groups?
  2. How do social networks influence educational processes?
  3. Effects of social media on people. Do they make people feel lonely and self-obsessed?
  4. Social networks addiction
  5. Is addiction on social networks only applicable to young people?
  6. The influence of romantic comedies on women
  7. The correlation between social groups and genre
  8. How are secure social networks?
  9. Is it safe to share your personal data via social networks? Who has an interest in your information?
  10. Correlation between social media type and nationality
  11. Is blogging becoming a new profession?
  12. Is anorexia a result of social media marketing? How to prevent it?
  13. The online ethics versus workplace ethics.
  14. Does social media lead to depression and anxiety?
  15. The culture of mass following and the influencers.
  16. Should the children be allowed on Facebook and Instagram.
  17. The culture of photography on social media.


Sociology Research Topics Interpersonal Communication

  1. The use of language and verbal codes in interpersonal communication.
  2. Why does conflict resolution not always work in interpersonal conflicts?
  3. The art of data perception.
  4. The social cognition in preschool children.
  5. The behavioral patterns encountered online.
  6. The verbal vs written communication forms.
  7. The consequences of texting language and communication skills.
  8. The role of flexibility and motivation in interpersonal patterns.
  9. How does teamwork affect interpersonal skills?
  10. The ways how reading affects verbal communication.


Sociology Research Topics on Stereotypes

  1. The origins of stereotypical thinking.
  2. The childhood bias challenges are coming from parents and the social environment.
  3. Are Italian people more emotional?
  4. The gender differences in the education and professional career.
  5. The reasons why people think that college athletes are less smart.
  6. The negative stigma among the females doing typically male jobs.
  7. How does social media impact the perception of success?
  8. The challenges of non-traditional families.
  9. Modern stereotypes of masculinity and femininity among school children.
  10. Do politics have a patriarchal nature to them?


Sociology of Gender

  1. Is there s gender inequality in professional activity?
  2. Are there man and woman professions?
  3. Aspects of gender inequality at work and how should this problem be solved?
  4. The characteristics of gender stereotypes in media
  5. The gender roles in family
  6. Homosexuality and nationality: is there a correlation?
  7. Gender studies for children. At which age children should start asking questions?
  8. Should gender studies be a part of a study program at school?
  9. The history of women’s rights in different countries.
  10. How gender studies affect self-esteem?
  11. The legalization of LGBT in different families
  12. The negative perception of single fathers in modern society.
  13. Should kindergartens implement Scandinavian model of neutral gender?
  14. The cons and pros of gender identification and mental perception.
  15. The origins of feminism and the relevant dangers.
  16. The perception of gender in Latin America.


Sociology of Youth Culture

The most involving sociology topics for research among youth. Best ideas relating to hobbies, subcultures, and sports are here:

  1. The sex issues concerning people under 18. How should problems be solved?
  2. The sex and relationship education at schools. Should it be a part of a program?
  3. The phenomenon of bullying. Why teenagers show cruelty?
  4. Effects and causes of bullying
  5. Proposal at college. Should young couples wait?
  6. The concept of hipsters and how does it influence further career choice?
  7. Sports culture among youth. How to motivate underage to go into sports?
  8. Subcultures and history of its appearance
  9. The influence of music and musical education on teens
  10. Why does nationalism happen among children and youth?
  11. How to define your social group and hobbies?
  12. Who are millennials and what to expect from the next generation?
  13. The impact of modern pop culture on body image.
  14. Does K-Pop culture and anime lead to feminization of male youth?
  15. How should the parents settle down cultural conflicts with the teens?
  16. The role of young influencers on social media?
  17. How has the youth culture changed during the last two decades?


Research Topics in Educational Sociology

  1. The cultural role of the books in print for education.
  2. The family versus school values in the upbringing of modern youth.
  3. The combination of social work and education.
  4. The challenges of domestic violence and poor academic results.
  5. The negative perception of single parenthood students.
  6. The issue of school and college bullying.
  7. The use of social media in the classroom.
  8. Should students be allowed to shape their academic curriculum?
  9. The social aspect of unintentional plagiarism.
  10. Do strict grading rubric rules restrict student's creativity?


The Sociology of Social Movements

  1. The leader versus the group influence in the social movements.
  2. The role of Twitter and Facebook in social movements today.
  3. Should anarchy be considered a social movement when it is anti-social?
  4. The history of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  5. Should children be allowed to participate in social movements?
  6. The role of social movements during the Industrialization period in the United States.
  7. Should the people be granted freedom for any social movement considering the freedom of speech?
  8. The reasons why certain social movements become forbidden.
  9. Can online campaigns be considered a social movement?
  10. The methods of control of social influencers and the large groups.


Sociology Research Topics on Social Issues and Cultural Biases

  1. The negative perception of low-income families in the media.
  2. The issue of child-free or childlessness.
  3. Do mothers always make better parents in single families?
  4. The negative effect of divorce on teenage children.
  5. Should the children be allowed to participate in the voting?
  6. The role of religious education in a modern consumerist society.
  7. Do people with a Slavic background perceive labor differently?
  8. The role of mass media in the formation of social norms.
  9. The traditions and culture of the Native Americans.
  10. The Asian intolerance phenomenon in Covid-19 times.


Medical Sociology Research Topics

  1. The role of globalization in healthcare access.
  2. The ethical side of communication between the nurse and the patient.
  3. Should ethical values be reconsidered in psychiatric hospital care?
  4. The challenges of living with chronic diseases among African American population.
  5. The care for the older generation must be promoted with the help of social media.
  6. The challenges of inequality in the rural areas of the United States.
  7. The social stigma and the single parenthood healthcare issues.
  8. Social issues related to the determinants of modern healthcare.
  9. Should euthanasia be forbidden?
  10. The challenges of ER nursing and stress management practices.


Environmental Sociology Topics

  1. The challenges of Bioregionalism and the problems this environmental branch studies.
  2. The media bias in the coverage of environmental issues.
  3. The global changes in politics are leading to environmental challenges.
  4. Should social ecology be taught in middle school?
  5. The ways to prevent industrial waste in remote regions of the world.
  6. The link between consumerism culture and nature.
  7. The digital era and the use of natural resources.
  8. The cultural concepts of harmony and balance in India.
  9. Should Atomic energy be forbidden and green energy sources used instead?
  10. The portrayal of bio-activists in the modern media.


Food Sociology Research Topics

  1. Why is food education crucial for modern society?
  2. Discussion on how does food traditions connected with health and wellbeing?
  3. The history of food traditions within different nationalities
  4. How does food traditions affect national identity?
  5. Causes of child's obesity. How to prevent it?
  6. Effects of technology on eating habits people have
  7. The phenomenon of vegetarian and vegan cultures
  8. How does meat consumption affect the environment?
  9. Does traditional family dinner still exist?
  10. Raw food diet. Is it healing or dangerous?
  11. Effects of fast food on society
  12. The culture of brunch and lunch within different countries

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