How to Identify Peer-Reviewed Journals || Academic Writing Tips

Nov 11, 2021





Qualities of Sources/References that are considered as  Peer-Reviewed Journals 


  • Written by expert scholars for other experts
  • Normally report on research
  • Always cite their sources: there are multiple in-text citations and a list of references or works cited
  • Rigorously critiqued and reviewed by experts for quality purposes before publishing


Usually, university professors conduct research hoping to expand their field of study. It can be original work or an evaluation/ work of another expert scholar.


When academics submit their works to a scholarly journal, a rigorous process called peer-review takes place before a scholarly article can be published The process involves an editor who evaluates submissions for adherence to the scope of the journal and basic formatting requirements. Moreover, it involves calling a number of scholars to give feedback on the quality of the submissions. This review process sees that majority of submissions get rejected on the basis of errors in research findings, data, and presentation of evidence, etc


Only after the peer reviewers and editors are satisfied that the submission meets their criteria, does the work stand a chance at getting published.


This comprehensive process ensures that only the most accurate, well-researched, and trustworthy materials get published


However, it also means that these types of articles can take a relatively long amount of time to get published; from months to years.


Consequently, authorial expertise and peer review process guarantee that scholarly literature is a trustworthy and reliable source for research.

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