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History as a subject highlights on fundamental past events, as well as revealing the stories of outstanding historical personalities. Moreover, it creates an understanding of how the society, government, and technology worked in the past to better comprehend its current workings. Thus, enabling us to gain a better comprehension of our world.

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The American history comprises of all past records on fundamental events that occurred in North America.

The following are the 9 important American history topics that ought to be properly comprehended. This guide will aid students in understanding where to start, the key points to highlight on, and

Causes of the Revolutionary War:

This focuses on the causes, events, and the primary aftermath of the American revolutionary war; especially the events that occurred from 1763 to 1776. The period is normally referred to as the end of the so called salutary neglect. These are the fundamental themes that require significant emphasis:

  • Influence of Enlightenment ideologies (particularly John Locke)
  • The establishment of a discrete American identity in the colonies
  • Dispute over the virtual vs. direct representation.

Causes of Civil War:

For this topic, it is important to lay more emphasis on the build-up of the war rather than the details regarding the main event. The following are the essential aspects that ought to be highlighted:

  • The conflict over slavery; this includes the defense of the rise of the abolitionist movement vs. the peculiar institution.
  • Variations between the West, South, and North plus the manner in which they individually fought for their interests’ || sectionalism.
  • The scuffle over federal government representation, particularly the senate seats for slave  and free states. Moreover, it should highlight on how that played out in the western territories such as Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Comprise of 1850 etc.

Europeans vs. Native Americans:

This focuses on the early European investigations of the New World and their interactions with the Native Americans on arrival in what is now known as North America. It is important to understand the following:

  • The manner in which the Spanish utilized the encomienda system to mistreat the natives for their personal economic gain.
  • The adverse effects that European illnesses had on the native populations.
  • The impact the exchange of goods had on both North America and Europe such as the introduction of corn to Europe and horses in North America.

Westward Expansion:

This highlights on the process that the US utilized to expand its boundaries and thus find its place in the world.

  • The means utilized in expanding westwards i.e. war, forming alliances, purchasing of various products etc.
  • The growth and expansion of transportation particularly railroads, and industries.
  • The philosophy of Manifest Destiny and its influence.
  • The different approaches that the US utilized to expand westwards.


A student should highlight on the events that occurred in the post-Reconstruction era or Gilded age. This time period involved the development and rise of massive business enterprises. The following are the key aspects:

  • The development of the American industry, particularly the railways, steel, and the oil industry.
  • The primary players in the industrial world such as the renowned robber barons.
  • Roles of immigrants in the labor force.
  • The adverse effects of industrialization, such as the poor working conditions and unsanitary urban living conditions.

The Post-Cold War:

The late 1980’s and early 1990’s saw the cold war end in phases and the world began realigning. In this topic the essence is to study various aspects such as the foreign policy shift to focus on the Middle East regarding the War on Terror.


This topic focuses more on the events that occurred domestically during World War I and II. The following are primary highlights of the 1920’s and 1930’s:

  • Women’s Rights especially the suffrage achievement nationwide in 1920
  • The scuffle between international and isolation involvement
  • Racial tensions particularly disenfranchisement and segregation
  • The Great Depression and actions taken to fix it especially the New Deal
  • Immigration and the backlash towards minorities and immigrants such as the KKK and Red Scare
  • Prosperity, industrial growth, the rise of credit, rampant consumerism, and a lack of regulations in the Roaring 20’s


This narrows on the British colonization of North America thus giving an introduction to the 13 colonies that eventually became the US. Another essential aspect is comprehending the regional variations between New England, Southern, and Middle Atlantic colonies.


The focus in this topic is more on the US environment during the Cold War. The changes involved the following movements and policy alterations:

  • Women’s Rights Movement
  • War on Poverty || Johnson’s Great Society
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Rise of mass culture and suburbs
  • Student-led protests against the government

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