Dec 07, 2020

                                What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of handing over another individual’s thoughts as your own, without their authority. This is done by including their ideas in your essay paper without full acknowledgment. All unpublished and published information is included in this definition. The above practice is believed to be unethical, and the afflicted persons can press legal charges of copyright against the threat. Whether the plagiarism is reckless or intentional, it is considered as a disciplinary offense under the regulations and rules for examination. This article will assist in understanding what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

                Forms of plagiarism to avoid


This is the utilization of similar wording as the original without explicit acknowledgment. Quotations ought to be articulated by quotation marks and citation of full references to the sources. This creates a distinguishing factor between one’s independent work and borrowed concepts.


This is the expression of another person’s content or some of the words to achieve better clarity.

Inaccurate citation

This is the illegal act of inappropriate referencing in an attempt to deceive the readers concerning the origin of thoughts.


This is the process of utilization of approximately similar sections of an individual’s work without stating this or citing the original piece, i.e., self-plagiarism.

           How to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

Proper Outsourcing

One of the top reasons why students plagiarize is due to being overwhelmed by various activities. It is essential to comprehend that there is no shame in requesting assistance regarding homework answers, argumentative essay topics, psychology research papers topics, etc. However, it is vital to identify competent and trustworthy writing firms. A perfect example of a freelancing platform that offers expert writing services is Assignment Canyon. It prides itself on delivering plagiarism free papers. Their professional writers guarantee the submission of original work. If proper care is not taken, one runs the risks of being in trouble with the law.

Listing References and Citations

It is essential to cite appropriately and list all your sources, especially in a bibliography. One ought to indicate the source of a quotation by using in-text citations or footnotes. Incorporation of a list of your references at the end of one’s essay is mandatory. A well-organized bibliography ensures the authenticity of citations and references. This should be done based on the established guides in various disciplines, i.e., CHICAGO, TURBAN, HARVARD, MLA, and APA.

Utilization of Plagiarism Tools

There is a vast array of resources and tools that one can utilize in testing for plagiarism. However, one ought to inquire first and comprehend the best and leading apparatus for the detection of copied work. The most recommended are the paid ones; monthly or annually. Avoid free plagiarism checkers. Most times cheap might end up being expensive due to the consequences. A few good examples are Grammarly, TURNITIN, and COPYSCAPE.

          Why Should You Avoid Plagiarism 

Plagiarism is an ethical issue and is categorized as theft. There it is fundamental as a learner to avoid plagiarism since it comprises on an individual’s integrity. This could result in a discontinuation, expulsion, or suspension from any academic institution. Additionally, the student could lose their financial aid or essential leadership roles. People also lose respect from their peers and mentors; and thus negatively impact valuable professional referrals and prospective career advancements. Plagiarism takes credit and profit away from the original creator; and hence the creator can take legal actions against the involved party. 


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