Engaging Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Jan 01, 2022




Writing a persuasive essay is guaranteed to be difficult. The majority of college students try and fail to complete these assignments. They receive terrible grades, which has a negative impact on their GPA. Is there a way to solve this issue? You must, of course, learn how to write academic content. But did you know that simply choosing an amazing topic for your paper can earn you some bonus points? Persuasive essay themes can help you improve your grade. Professors are fed up with reading the same material over and over again. The majority of your peers will choose the most straightforward persuasive essay subjects. Many of them will have a lot in common. However, there are some college persuasive essay themes that are rarely chosen. This suggests your paper has a good possibility of becoming one-of-a-kind. You will always receive a high mark if you can make your persuasive essay ideas fascinating.




The Best 101 Persuasive Essay Topics 



We all love animals. Your teacher does too, so why not pick an interesting topic about beautiful creatures?

  1. Should we adopt more pets that we buy from breeders?
  2. Dogs that bite people in self-defense should not be put to sleep.
  3. Factory farming and battery farming should be deemed illegal.
  4. Three motives why you want a cat instead of a dog.
  5. Dogs are the perfect pets: here is why (with my Cane Corso as an example).
  6. Pitbulls are not the vicious breed they are portrayed to be in the news.
  7. Chaining dogs outside in the cold and rain is not only neglectful but also inhumane and unethical.
  8. Most spiders are harmless, so it is irrational to be afraid of these small critters.
  9. All pets should be neutered to avoid unwanted pups and overpopulation.
  10. Hunting for sport legally is a fun pastime that is not harmful in any way.


Constitutional Issues

Each government has issues and each citizen is concerned about them. Express your thoughts and feelings about some things you want to change but be careful not to cross the line and overstate your argument.

  1. Warrantless searches and seizures must be permitted in the war on drugs.
  2. People must have the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.
  3. The government should focus on raising revenue instead of cutting spending.
  4. Congressmen and senators must have term limits.
  5. Should felons be allowed to vote in the United States?
  6. Citizens should not have the right to own assault-style weapons.
  7. Alcohol should be illegal.
  8. Burning flags during protests should be made illegal.
  9. Should suspected terrorists be detained only after the proper trial?
  10. Terrorists must be tried by military tribunals instead of civil courts.



Are you interested in Law? Your teachers certainly will be if you manage to write an interesting persuasive essay. Here are some excellent persuasive essay topics.

  1. Driving while talking on the phone should be illegal.
  2. Motorcyclists must wear a helmet while driving.
  3. Junk foods should be taxed higher in the United States.
  4. Should abortions be legal under all circumstances?
  5. Why assault weapons should not be legal.
  6. Should US immigration laws be revised?
  7. Should capital punishment be reinstated?
  8. Why not legalize marijuana in the United States?
  9. People should be free to own exotic animals.
  10. Gang members should not be allowed into parks.



It is important to take care of the environment. These topics will always be relevant and interesting.

  1. Endangered species should be much more protected.
  2. Disposable diapers are a serious environmental danger.
  3. Should littering be made a criminal offense?
  4. The US should restrict the use of its natural resources.
  5. The energy sector is damaging our planet more than other industries.
  6. Solar power is not as green as it is advertised to be.
  7. Drinkable water will be a thing of the past in 10 years.
  8. We will carry oxygen cylinders instead of our smartphones in a couple of years.
  9. Underground mining should be banned right away.
  10. We are the only ones responsible for climate change.



Education is a great sphere to talk about. From cheating to tuition, there are many things you can bring up.

  1. Should poor children get free tuition from the state?
  2. High school students should be allowed to use smart devices in class.
  3. Skill tests should be mandatory for high school children before graduation.
  4. Schools should make classes shorter.
  5. Should students get longer holidays?
  6. Religion classes should be optional in high school and college.
  7. Decreasing the amount of homework has only benefits.
  8. Standardized testing is damaging education and should be eliminated.
  9. Paying for essay assistance should not be considered cheating.
  10. School security guards should have firearms to protect pupils and teachers better.


College Students

We all love college and it is almost certain that you’ll find something to talk about.

  1. IPads should be the new schoolbooks in modern schools.
  2. I support the idea of gap years, and here is why!
  3. Taking notes in class should be mandatory in college.
  4. College students should not be made to attend classes they are not passionate about.
  5. Should college students get part-time or full-time jobs?
  6. All college students should be able to apply for student exchange programs.
  7. The curriculum is overrated and needs to be changed.
  8. Home education can never be better than a college education.
  9. Corporations should be banned from advertising in colleges.
  10. College students must be cautious when posting content on social media websites.


Technology persuasive essay topics

Technology is important and nowadays we can’t imagine our life without it. Thankfully, there are a lot of topics you can dwell on.

  1. Technology is negatively impacting the creativity of students.
  2. Technology can change our lives in 10 years’ time.
  3. Students are addicted to the Internet.
  4. Should Apple Music and Netflix be free in the United States?
  5. I believe Internet censorship is illegal and is damaging free speech.
  6. Google is manipulating data to make a bigger profit.
  7. Internet gambling is far more dangerous than gambling in a casino.
  8. Antivirus and antispyware software is tracking your every move online.
  9. Can artificial intelligence take over the world and subdue the human race?
  10. Cars that drive themselves are a very dangerous idea.
  11. Computers will be able to learn and think in 10 years.



Politics more or less concerns everybody and your teacher will not be an exception. Here are some excellent topics:

  1. President Trump’s border fence will have no effect on illegal immigration.
  2. Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is causing a crisis.
  3. Palestinians are living in a concentration camp, surrounded by Israel.
  4. Why President Trump should not support Israel as much.
  5. Political funding should be more intensely scrutinized.
  6. America should not act as the world’s policeman.
  7. Should a president serve more than two terms if the people love him?
  8. The importance of your vote.
  9. Corporate lobbyists should not be allowed to make campaign contributions.
  10. Freedom of speech must apply to all political subjects, no matter how sensitive they are.



Be careful when talking about religion because it is a very sensitive subject. We’ve managed to find something interesting and safe:

  1. The Catholic inquisition has committed genocide in the name of God.
  2. Religion should be mandatory in all high schools and colleges.
  3. Should the church be separated from the state?
  4. Atheism is a problem of the 21 century that has no cure.
  5. Is abortion a deadly sin or is it just a matter of personal preference?
  6. Islamic fundamentalists are not a part of the Islamic religion.
  7. Islam does not encourage its followers to wage war on nonbelievers.
  8. Religious conflicts in the Middle East cannot be avoided.
  9. Religion should not matter to medical personnel when trying to save a life.
  10. Same-sex marriage is an affront to god and His religion.



The economy plays a crucial part in the country’s development, so make sure you thoroughly examine each question. Here are some topics:

  1. The US is in danger because of the Chinese trade deficit.
  2. In most countries, only a couple of corporations control the entire economy.
  3. Should you buy products that are not manufactured in the United States?
  4. Rising energy prices are caused by oil corporations.
  5. Hiring cheap foreign workers helps the US economy.
  6. Illegal immigrants are helping the US economy.
  7. The impact of the immense government spending on our economy.
  8. Poverty is inevitable in the current economic climate.
  9. I support the redistribution of wealth.
  10. The bank is absolutely necessary for a healthy economy.






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Where to Find New and Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics



When students need to find something, they always turn to the internet. They also turn to the internet for assistance with essay writing. Finding persuasive essay themes that high school professors will enjoy can take hours of research online. However, have you considered your local library? You can obtain a lot of new and intriguing ideas by reading a couple of papers. Many authors expressly identify the areas in which more research is needed. You can also go online and join various forums and chat rooms in addition to the library. You may then seek help in coming up with a fascinating, new topic for your next argumentative essay from the individuals there. The majority of people in these forums and chat rooms will gladly assist you. An academic writing firm is another site where you can receive a comprehensive list of persuasive essay subjects. Professional academic writers with years of experience writing on a wide range of themes and topics work for these writing firms. If you're looking for original and intriguing persuasive essay ideas, they're the best. But there's a race against the clock! If you don't want to waste time looking for persuasive essay themes for college students, check out our list of the top 101. It's free, and any of the themes can be used for your next paper. There's no need to get permission!

Aren't these subjects fascinating? But don't go just yet; we've got many more fascinating things in store for you. Check out 101 descriptive essay themes and 151 argumentative essay topics for more ideas. They will provide you with ideas for what to write about in your essay. Remember to keep your audience's interest, which these themes will undoubtedly assist you with. One thing your persuasive essay should accomplish well is to persuade. As a result, strive to come up with compelling arguments and ideas to back up your claim.



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