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Share with your instructor your personal reflection(s) regarding the materials covered this week. During your time in this course, it is important to consider how you will use the knowledge you have gained from the materials and/or your peers and apply it to your own career (or volunteer assignment, or role as a student, or future career, and so on). You are asked to share your "Weekly Reflection" with your instructor through the Assignment Submission > Assignments link. In other words, how will you take what you've learned during this week and apply it to your role as a professional? A regurgitation of what the book says is not appropriate - tell how you will apply your new knowledge.





Culture and Technology in Business


Understanding cultural dynamics and using technology to adjust a firm’s strategies to global standards are two key things that I find fundamental. Their vitality in this contemporary society is due to the continuous integration among cultures and the fast-growing technological stances. Therefore, being conscious of the two is a lifesaving strategy any business can have for sustainable growth contemporarily.

Consequently, considering my long-term aim to own an entity, culture and technology are the items I will keenly include for the success of my business. Knowing that having a dynamic team is fundamental, I will ensure that my firm has culturally diverse team members. This will help bring diverse skills and ideas to the table. More importantly, I will make sure that the team goes through exclusive cultural training to learn the cultural differences between the team members to appreciate different ways of behavior. This is key because, without understanding, there cannot be unity in the business, and hence success is hindered.

Technologically wise, I learned the need to apply the most effective technology that best suits my entity. With the fast-changing technologies, the company will need to make readjustments wisely to suit the changing market demands. Henceforth, as a firm, I must not stay complacent to one strategic stance no matter how effective it is. Fast-changing trends demand an alteration of strategy now and then, depending on the market dynamics. Swiftly changing technologies contribute the most to the alterations. Thus, as a company, we must be consistently involved in the technological trends, finding ways for the company to integrate its skills and ideas into the development or even use the development itself.

Ultimately, among the many factors I previously learned on firm management, I find culture and technology the most contemporarily imperative forces that any firm cannot ignore.

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