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Are you running out of time? Do you experience extreme difficulty in comprehending various chemistry concepts? If that is the case, get chemistry assignments writing services from Assignment Canyon. We understand that chemistry is a complex subject that involves chemicals, compounds, formulas, molecules, atoms, etc. It deals with the composition, properties, transformation and structures of various substances. The challenge is based on the development of a coherent elaboration of the complicated behaviors of materials i.e. enduring properties, interactions with varying substances, their appearances, etc. Therefore, learners often experience challenges while writing chemistry assignments since it is time consuming and requires arduous and tedious chemical reactions that demand for in-depth and specialized knowledge.


What Does Chemistry Entail?

Chemistry is a science that focuses on properties, structure, and composition of substances, their transformations, and energy produced or absorbed during these fundamental processes. It is concerned with properties of atoms and the laws controlling these combinations and their primary purposes. Moreover, it allows a better comprehension of the utilization of natural materials and the development of artificial ones. The substantial challenge learners experience in chemistry is the development of a logical elaboration on the multiplex behavior, appearance, enduring properties, and interactions of materials. These interactions can result in the formation of new substances and destruction of pre-existing materials.

The fundamental scopes of chemistry include organic, inorganic, analytical, medical, bio-chemistry, environmental, polymer, physical, and industrial chemistry.


             Analytical Chemistry Assignment Help

Writing and developing analytical chemistry assignments is extremely taxing for learners due to the complexity of the course and intense workload. Assignment Canyon has dedicated tutors available to solving all your course related issues by providing top-notch analytical chemistry help services to students; and hence overcome academic burdens. The established system enables learners to seek professional academic help from our chemistry tutors. Our accomplished team is capable of handling any level of arduous analytical chemistry assignments since they possess advanced educational degrees and immense tutoring experiences. We also cover a broad range of the standard analytical chemistry curriculum.

Analytical chemistry involves acquiring, processing, and obtaining information regarding the structure, quantity and composition of matter. This branch of chemistry enables learners to provide measurements that can be utilized in assuring safety and quality of pharmaceuticals, food products, and water. Additionally, analytical chemists assure compliance with established environmental regulations, aid physicians in diagnosing illnesses, support the legal procedures, and provide documentation and measurements fundamental in commerce and trade. Graduates have vest career opportunities and tend to work in service-related fields and their responsibilities include:

  • Set error limits
  • Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Conduct separations based on differential chemical properties
  •  Develop new mechanisms of measurements
  • Interpret information in proper context
  • Communicate results and conclusions to other scientists
  • Sample, isolate, define, concentrate, and preserve sample
  • Verify and validate results via standardization and calibration

Where Do Chemistry Analysts Work?

  • Pharmaceutical

This industry ensures the development, production, and marketing drugs licensed for the utilization by humans and animals as medications. Pharmaceuticals tend to deal with both generic and brand-name medical devices and medications. Brand-name medications are drugs that possess trade names and can only be produced and sold by the firm holding the patent. Generic medications refer to drugs that are of chemical equivalent and low-budget versions of the brand-name medications. Medical devices and medications are subject to numerous country-specific regulations and rules in terms of patenting, safety assurance, marketing, monitoring, testing, and efficacy.


  • Forensic Labs

These refer to facilities that are utilized to perform analysis on evidence collected from crime scenes or civil infractions. Scientists working in these institutions have to deal with custody issues and may sometimes be asked to testify in courts in regards to the provided analyses.

  • Petroleum and Oil

This industry involves the procedures of explorations, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing petroleum products. The primary products include gasoline and fuel oil. Petroleum is normally the fundamental raw material for a majority of the manufactured chemical products i.e. plastics, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, solvents, and pesticides.  The industry is primarily divided into three main components i.e. upstream, midstream, and downstream. Upstream process involves exploration and production, while midstream refers to the transportation procedure. Lastly, the downstream process involves refining crude oil, purifying and processing natural gas, and the creation of petrochemicals.

  • Agriculture and Food

This industry refers to companies that process and sells food products. Analytical chemists are involved in performing tests and analyses to guarantee products stability and quality, development of assays, repair and troubleshoot instrumentation. Moreover, they test for the presence of illegal growth of hormones, and illicit levels of pesticides and herbicides.

  • Consumer Products

Consumer products are items that are purchased by households and individuals such as detergents, plastic ware, and personal care products etc. All these products require the adherence to the established product manufacturing standards; and hence the responsibilities of analytical chemists.

  • Government and Universities Labs

Chemical analysts explore new developments in their respective fields through highly focused environments in research and graduate universities and governments’ laboratory facilities. Additionally, they publish textbooks and articles; hence providing new PhDs to the analytical chemistry field. Immense funding is normally dedicated towards supporting and expanding various research projects.

Analytical Chemistry Research Topics

  • Optical Enantiomers Flaws

  • Amide Bonds Function in Polypeptide Field

  • Chemical Equilibrium Effect

  • Isomerism Framework Advantages

  • Why Do Chemical Reactions Work Not As Planned

  • Dangers of Chiral Class Drugs and Ibuprofen


              Organic Chemistry Assignment Help

Assignment Canyon, organic chemistry assignment help, is an essential method utilized by learners to cover the established curriculum. Very often learners experience extreme difficulties when writing their online organic chemistry homework. These assignments tend to be time consuming and cumbersome due to the assigned workload; that includes the conduction of experiments in the labs. Organic chemistry assignments and projects vary based on the complexity levels; and thus the need to seek professional assignment help from expert writers. It is also fundamental to obtain information from online sources such as libraries or inquire from your more knowledgeable peers.  Avoid last minute jitters, nervousness, or being in panic-stricken situations through procrastination or inability to complete the assignments due to the lack of adequate comprehension.  Technological advancements have permitted students to utilize the internet in looking for organic chemistry homework answers, chemistry samples, organic chemistry projects, and chemistry assignment help. Our tutors are experts in this field; and hence can guarantee adherence to the stated requirements, formats, and styles. We guarantee excellent grades!


Organic chemistry deals with organic compounds primarily composed of carbon; that results from three dimensional connections. Procedures such as photosynthesis, lead to the creation of carbon from the combination of carbon dioxide and water to produce the following byproducts i.e. oxygen and carbohydrates. Polymeric carbohydrates include cellulose; provides structural rigidity to plants, and starch; for energy storage in plants. Simple carbohydrates are raw materials for numerous organic compounds in both animals and plants. The major areas taught in organic chemistry include isolation, structural study, and purification of these naturally occurring elements.


Organic Chemistry Research Topics

  • Define and explain what nucleophiles

  • Define and explain oil

  • Define and explain what aniline dyes are

  • Define and explain what electrophiles are

  • Define and explain what snow pollution is

  • Describe the production of hydrocarbon

  • Describe the formation of globular proteins

  • Describe nucleic acids stability

  • Isomerism types in organic compounds

  • Phenol as a form of acid - Explain

                  Chemistry Research Topics

Finding appropriate chemistry research topics is extremely arduous, especially if an individual possess several relevant topic ideas. Majority of chemistry students tend to write on popular and easy research ideas; and thus can result in the delivery of shallow and unauthentic chemistry research papers. It is fundamental for the selected chemistry research topic to be analytical, properly investigated, and analyzed to aid undergraduates comprehend and deliver a well-structured paper.

Assignment Canyon has a team of dedicated experts capable of guiding learners on how to choose relevant chemistry research topics, adhering to the stated grading rubric rules, and accurately format and edit the written chemistry research paper. This ensures the delivered chemistry assignments are custom written, well-structured, and accurate. Our primary objective is to guarantee that Chemistry homework is interesting, plagiarism-free, and affordable!

What are the Major Research Topics in Chemistry?

  • Advanced utilization of Hydrogen

  • Adverse Outcome Pathways

  • Analysis of Residues in Food

  • Atmospheric Chemistry

  • Battery Science

  • Berryllium and its effect on Earth

  • Biological and synthetic worlds

  • Bioluminescence

  • Bioconjugates at Chemical Biology

  • Organo-metallic chemistry

  • Carbohydrate chemistry

  • Cluster chemistry

  • Catalysis and high pressure chemistry

  • Chemistry of interfaces and surfaces

  • Chemistry of lipids and proteins

  • Chemistry and physics of electronic and photonic materials

  • Functional materials

  • Flow cytometry

  • Fullerence and carbon nanotube chemistry

  • Heterogeneous and homogenous chemistry

  • Innovative fluorination methodology

  • Macro-cyclic and heterocyclic chemistry

  • Molecular reaction dynamics

  • New asymmetric and synthetic methodology

  • Natural product synthesis

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (solid and solution state)

  • Preparative main group and transition metal chemistry

  • Parallel and high throughput synthesis

  • Polymer and materials synthesis and characterization

  • Synthetic bio-organic and organic chemistry

  • Synthesis and chemistry of fluorine-containing organic copounds

  • Structural inorganic and organic chemistry

  • Solid-state chemistry

  • Solution state reaction and kinetics mechanism

  • Solution state kinetics and reaction mechanism

  • Supra-molecular chemistry

  • Theoretical and computational chemical physics

  • X-Ray crystallography





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