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A case study an approved research method utilized in life and social sciences that involves detailed and in-depth examination of a particular topic and its contextual conditions. The findings are based on a single topic and provide direction for further research. It tends to be time consuming due to conducting empirical research, gathering information, analyzing obtained data, and structuring reports describing the case study.




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Case studies refer to a record or research procedure into the development of a specific individual, group, or circumstance over specific timeframe. The primary objective is creating or illustrates a particular principle/thesis through formal research methods. These assignments include benefits from previous development of theoretical perspectives, quantitative evidence, and multiple sources of information. Additionally, researchers illustrate the manner in which case studies scrutinize multiplex ideologies in their normal settings to further better understanding through generating manageable research questions. This research involves the provision of statistical frameworks in making inferences from quantitative case-study information. An empirical inquiry is normally conducted to investigate the discussed topic in its real-life circumstance.

The following are the various forms of case studies:

  • Exploratory Case Studies: these are condensed assignments that are completed before performing large scale investigations. The primary functions of these case studies are to aid in the identification of questions and selection of the preferred measurements prior to the primary scrutiny. The main risks of these studies is based on the initial findings being may result in premature conclusions; thus inconclusive discussions and incredibility.
  • Illustrative Case Studies: these are descriptive studies utilizing one or two primary circumstances of the discussed event to depict the existing situation. They serve to make the unfamiliar familiar and hence provide the target audience with a common focal point regarding the topic in question.
  • Critical Instance Case Studies: these are case studies involving the scrutiny of one or more ideologies in an attempt to comprehend and decipher a single occurrence rather than generalizing the situation. Generally, to question highly generalized or universal assertions; and hence the method is essential for answering effect and cause questions.  
  • Cumulative Case Studies: these case studies serve to combine data from various sites accumulated at varying timeframes. The concept behind these assignments is the gathering of previous studies to enable greater generalization minus the additional time and cost being expended on new, possibly repetitive studies.

Importance of Case Study Assignments

  • These assignments are fundamental in formulating concepts; these are an essential aspect in regards to theory construction. Conceptual stretching dictates that qualitative research possesses higher conceptual validity as compared to concepts utilized in quantitative research.
  • Case studies build on descriptive richness in regards to the selected topic. It provides refined information and description and hence identifies the causal mechanisms in a manner that may be challenging in a large-N study.
  • These assignments aid in challenging existing theories by contributing information that dictates why cases violate theoretical predictions and describe the specific conditions surrounding the concepts.
  • Learning institutions such as Harvard Business School are among the prominent users of case studies developed with specific objectives in mind. These case studies include additional relevant documents such as short biographies, multimedia supplements, financial statements, time-lines, etc. They are normally utilized in coursework, especially in the science education curriculum.
  • Multiple case study research enables students to possess an in-depth comprehension of the course/unit via the understanding of differences and similarities in the selected cases based on the provided evidence.



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The case study’s introduction ought to be a roadmap for the target audience to comprehend the scope of the selected topic. This section should include a description of the research problem, the significance, the utilization importance of the case study, and the manner in which the study will address the issue. Each of the mentioned questions should be well explained in a few paragraphs. An excellent introduction ought to answer the following questions:

  • What is the case study based on:

Ensure you outline the selected research issue and the analysis subject in your study. Expound on the manner in which the aspects are linked and elements that will guarantee an expansion of the comprehension and knowledge on the subject.

  • The importance of the topic being scrutinized:

Describe the importance of the research problem and explain why the subject analysis and a case study design are essential in addressing the issue.

  • What was known regarding the topic before conducting the study:

This involves the provision of an elaborate background thus assist the readers to gain an in-depth comprehension of the literature review. Moreover, summarize previously conducted case study research and they failed to address the discussed topic. Elaborate on why and how the case study will be beneficial. However, if there are no previously written case studies, ensure you explain why you selected the subject to be analyzed.

  • The importance of this study in generating new knowledge:

Expound why the study is fundamental in expanding knowledge and providing new information to gain a proper understanding on the research problem

                                                                            Literature Review

  • Provide relevant information sources in regards to their contribution to the research problem being investigated:

This involves summarizing and scrutinizing studies on a similar subject analysis in regards to the research problem. Additionally there is need to explain the importance of duplicating previous conducted and recorded research.

  • Explore the relationships the reference sources possess and inform the target audience the applicability of the case study

The literature review section ought to include a brief description of the provided references in relation to the case study. These sources should scrutinize the research problem and the underlying questions within the limits of the stated study. 

  • Identify new methods to explicate previous research utilizing the case study

If applicable, review any research that has examined the research problem using a different research design. Explain how your use of a case study design may reveal new knowledge or a new perspective or that can redirect research in an important new direction.

  • Determine or settle disagreements amongst seemingly antithetical proir studies

This involves identifying any literature that indicates any unresolved issues pertainig research problems and elaborating on how the subject of analysisin regards to the case study can aid in resolving these existing contradictions. 

  • Dictate how the need for additional research will be met:

Your review ought to scrutinize any literature that provides the foundation for the comprehension of why the selected case study design and the subject of analysis in regards to the design the study is based on. These references ought to depict a new manner of approaching the research problem and thus offer a different perspective that demands additional research.



Nursing Case Study Assignment Help

The healthcare industry is among the most fundamental industries with nursing being the pillar of medicine. Nursing case studies are distinctive and vary from the regular academic assignments that require in-depth research and formatting skills. We comprehend the complexities that are involved in this form of writing; and hence offer comprehensive assistance to enable our clients deliver high quality nursing case studies. To properly display a systematic procedure of critical thinking, is evidently demonstrated through complete patient assessments. This involves presenting a nursing case scenario, detailing the patient’s symptoms, performing diagnostic tests, drafting nursing interventions, providing a care plan, and listing risk prevention and assessments. Additionally, there is need for a strong introduction as a suitable foundation; the content should also be presented in an emphatic manner, and possess a comprehensive conclusion. Our nursing experts are well qualified in specializing in case analysis and presentations. Moreover, they are always available to offer assistance to our nursing students achieve high grades in their nursing academic curriculum. Our expertise and policies are firmly based on Professional Standards of Nursing Practice; and this is depicted in every assignment help services that we deliver.

Management Case Study Assignment Help

Management case studies are tools for detailing the proximities of the course evaluating its past businesses practices or revenues and comparing it to new data derived from elaborate research. Such case studies ought to be comprehensive to provide accurate information regarding the study of management. In general, the emphases are primarily on the occurrences that have contributed to the current management situation. The acquisition of data demands for in-depth analysis and research since the information will be utilized in reflecting/predicting the future of the business under discussion. The most preferred/feasible manner to improve your academic performance is to seek management case study assignment help from expert writers who will aid in obtaining relevant information and appropriately structuring the case study. The writing services offered at Assignment Canyon are tailored to deliver outstanding, plagiarism free, and customized assignments. Additionally, the provided information will be supported by credible references with the pieces of evidence involving journals, books, articles etc.  The following are the primary requirements based on international writing standards:

  • Cover sheet
  • Title page
  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Objectives
  • System modeling
  • Activity diagram
  • Use case diagram
  • Domain class diagram
  • Discuss each diagram stakeholder analysis problem identification
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

Marketing Case Study Assignment Help

Marketing case studies aim at effectively recognizing and identifying issues that may limit the extension of the discussed organization. Analyzing and accessing case studies are fundamental in comprehending various marketing concepts i.e. client mannerisms, marketing plans, research, and analysis. These writing services are essential for learners with insufficient time necessary to conduct research. Our expert tutors are primarily problem solvers and thus provide valid outcomes for the marketing case studies.  Moreover, the focus is to ensure the learning procedure is effective and easy to understand. As a writing company, we understand that majority of students find marketing case studies are extremely arduous and time consuming. Assignment Canyon provides the best college assignment help.

Below are some marketing case study topic suggestions:

  • Nike SWOT and PEST Analysis Case Study:

The primary focus is on the Nike Company and its efficient comprehension on distribution channels, and financial ability in terms of revenue flow and debt acquisition. Additionally, their strengths include recently integrated marketing communication techniques to further advance on sales? Their weaknesses include complete dependence on footwear sales and the need for investment diversification to effectively mitigate risks.

  • Gillette SWOT fusion Marketing Case Study:

This is a popular case study that provides an insightful view of concepts in merger acquisition and marketing. It aims at understanding the revolutionary invention of various kinds of disposable razors that can be utilized for the purpose of light, heavy, and medium sized beard/hair. The company expanded its distribution channels through owned businesses and joint ventures; thus sold globally in 180 countries. The strengths include continual processes of innovations, problem-based approaches, and performing comprehensive market research. Weaknesses include uncompetitive high prices, lack of awareness towards the target audience, and unavailability of spare parts.

  • Zara Case Study SWOT Analysis:

This case study focuses on maintaining brand loyalty by using various marketing concepts. The company’s strengths include feasible supply chain through online and retail collection, well distributed fashion retail stores, comprehensive design team transforming fabric into customers’ preferred designs, development of an engaging online purchasing experiences, and pioneer advantage with evolved management practices and strategies. Weaknesses include balancing sustainability with fast-fashion, reliance on physical stores, and unethical work practices. SWOT analysis case studies allows individuals to comprehend and

Law Case Study Assignment Help

Law case studies involves detailed assessments of a legal case in terms of the individuals involved, circumstances surrounding the case, and the presented evidence. These studies enable learners to gain a better comprehension of the laws utilized in the discussed case and the proceedings in the court. They are considered to be really difficult and time consuming; with numerous technicalities. The writing process could also require meeting up with persons and lawyers affiliated with the case to obtain accurate facts. This is among the most fundamental assignments in law studies and all learning institutions, globally, emphasize on these tasks to boost students’ knowledge on law and regulations in various countries. 

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