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What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is utilized through various theories and techniques of chemistry to determine the molecular aspects of life.  The premise is based an organism’s physiological processes is dependent on numerous chemical reactions taking place in an organized manner. The study of biochemistry involves comprehending nerve and muscular functionality, underlying energy transfer in cells, genetic transmission and coding, biosynthetic pathways, and chemical structures of cell membranes. Moreover, it aids in the understanding of illnesses that disrupt normal biochemical pathways. The drug application determinant is based on the mode of action and degradation process of therapeutic agents i.e. bacterial infections can be treated by penicillin, tetracycline, or sulfonamide.

Additionally, the course focuses on all the chemical alterations that occur within organisms either through catabolism or anabolism. These mechanisms are dependent on enzymes’ actions; organic catalysts.  They are based on the existence of the cell’s genetic apparatus.  

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Online Biochemistry Course || Areas of Study in Biochemistry:

Chemical Composition of Living Matter

Organics contain numerous organic compounds and substances consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus, and nitrogen. These materials are generally classified into three primary categories i.e. protein, carbohydrates, and lipid/fats. The inorganic compounds include water and minerals.

  • Proteins are macronutrients that are fundamental as structural elements, defense provision, emergency energy stores and biocatalysts.  The following are the primary sources of proteins i.e. meat, poultry, legumes, seafood, and soy products.
  • Carbohydrates are naturally occurring starches, sugars, and cellulose.

Biochemistry Research Topics:

This will involve principles of Biochemistry with an integration of the structure of macromolecules and a biochemical perspective on cellular function. Students learn the development of analytical and problem-solving skills that are applicable to various life sciences. The following are the biochemistry research topics provided by our expert tutors:


Biosynthesis of membrane lipids and steroids


Glycogen metabolism


Biosynthesis of amino acids


Light reactions of photosynthesis


Calvin cycle and the pentose phosphate pathway


Membrane pumps and channels





Catalytic strategies


Molecular motors

Citric acid cycle


Nucleotide biosynthesis


Control of gene expression


Oxidative phosphorylation

DNA replication, recombination, and repair


Protein function and structure

Fatty acid metabolism


Protein turnover and amino acid catabolism

Integration of metabolism


Protein synthesis


Immune system


Regulatory strategies: hemoglobin and enzymes




RNA synthesis and splicing

Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis


Sensory systems


Signal-transduction pathways




Importance of Biochemistry in Pharmacy

Biochemistry provides the information required in identifying a drug’s composition, constitution, degradation capabilities, half-life, etc. Additionally, it aids in understanding the manner in which chemical modifications impacts effectiveness, minimize adverse effects etc. It also allows healthcare workers to determine the storage timeframe in regards to stability in various environmental temperatures. Improper storage can result in deterioration due to contamination, reduction, and oxidation.  Moreover, biochemistry provides a better comprehension of drug metabolism through biochemical reactions in the presence of enzymes. This aids in averting medications with poor metabolisms, excessive side effects, etc.

Importance of Biochemistry in Agriculture

The essence aids in comprehending agricultural production, raw products processing, and environmental remediation and monitoring. It generally focuses on the relationship among plants, animals, bacteria, and their surrounding environment.

Other importances include:

  • The evaluation of nutritive value of pulses, poultry, cattle feed, and cereals
  • Exploitation and creation of better genotypes
  • Sifting and inactivation of anti-nutritional or toxic elements existing in food grains especially legumes through chemical treatments and breeding i.e. Aflatoxins
  • Food processing and preservation technology and post-harvest physiology of vegetables and crops; and their nutritional quality
  • Biochemistry of pest and illness resistance; this comprehension aids in averting diseases and enhancing yield/produce
  • Formulating balanced diets
  • Biochemistry of drought resistance, proline and hydroxyproline imparts drought resistance to Jowar.
  • Utilization of uncommon sources of protein foods i.e. leafy vegetables, mushrooms, single cell proteins
  • Formulations in the field of inter mediatory metabolism i.e. synthesis and degradation of constituents of living tissues.
  • Adulteration: Even the composition of food material produced, their alteration or adulteration for example in honey can be found by biochemical tests. Biochemistry tests help prevent contamination.




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