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Mar 15, 2023


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Argumentative Essay


This is the genre of writing that involves extensive investigation on a particular subject through data collection, analysis, and proper evaluation of evidence; thus adequately establishing a stance. The evidence ought to be based on credible peer reviewed sources and literary texts.

Argumentative essay papers present arguments from both margins whereby the student can either strongly support both or lean more to one side. It is primarily assigned either as a capstone/final project in first year writing or advanced composition courses; since it requires an extensive research and lengthy composition.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay


Below is an explanation of how to write an argumentative essay :- argumentative essay format


                                     Introductory paragraph

The primary purpose of an introductory paragraph in persuasive essay is to identify the subject of discussion, motive of the essay, and pique the interest of the lecturer.

Moreover, it ought to possess a well-structured thesis statement that provides a direct and argumentative essay writer with the aim of assisting the readers understand the expectations of the essay. The thesis statement is primarily the last sentence in the introductory paragraph; where an individual ought to state their claim.

Essential elements include:

  • In literary assignments ensure you state the author’s name and title of the discussed subject.

  • In theory or issue related assignments ensure you provide a short elaboration on the theory or matter.

  • In terms of film related assignments include the state director, the year, and the respective title.



Background Paragraph:

This is an optional section that can sometimes be incorporated into the introductory paragraph. It comprises of 1 to 2 paragraphs with the primary purpose of laying a foundation for the proposed argument. Additionally, it ought to include the following aspects: definition of fundamental terms, elaborations of primary theories, and the general summary of the discussed issue.

Support Evidence Paragraph: (2 to 5 paragraphs)

The primary intention of this section is to prove the argument, normally in one paragraph but can extend into the second paragraph. The topic sentence ought to contain the answer. It contains the following: facts, details, examples, issues that will further improve the argumentative essay writers and readers’ ability to comprehend the claim.

Additionally, the supporting paragraph should have an extensive elaboration on the topic sentence. This is normally backed up evidence-based research facts by referring to peer-reviewed sources such as: According to Dr Philips etc.

Stating the evidence is consequently followed by a substantial explanation to aid the lecturer in understanding and interpreting the provided evidence. Do the facts support the key points that the individual is trying to make in the paragraph? Opinion based points should only comprise of 1 to 3 sentences. The end of the paragraph ought to contain a concluding sentence that lays emphasis on how the topic sentence helps in better comprehending the paper’s genera; claim.

Counterargument Paragraph:

The essence of the counterargument paragraph is to anticipate the readers’ objections in a manner that portrays the writer as an objective and reasonable individual. Moreover, it is paramount to include some examples of the arguments and refute them. This part is normally optional, but when included, it should comprise of 2 to 3 paragraphs. Ensure you conclude the paragraph with a statement that reasserts the claims of the paper.

                                Captivating Conclusion

The first part of the conclusion ought to assert your argument and the supporting evidence; restating the general claim of the paper. It is fundamental to note that the conclusion should not involve the restating of the introduction paragraph since this depicts the lack of proper critical thinking and understanding of the topic under discussion. The conclusion ought to include the following: why the paper is important, significance of the argument, and the take away information.

Generally, it should serve as a climax with the inclusion of brawny analytical points; by creating an ideal movement to a more complex comprehension of the topic. The conclusion determines the reader’s closing impressions of the essay, therefore, concrete and vivid language is fundamental. Nonetheless, an individual can also choose to include new ideas that further build on the discussed topic; but avoid making new claims.


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Other than adhering to the aforementioned tips, writing an argumentative essay requires extensive research, perseverance and commitment. Additionally, creativity is paramount rather than plagiarizing other people’s ideas; hence critically analyzing and developing a well-written paper. The ability to come up with an own point and exceptional counter argument is extremely essential since it will keep your audience hooked; proper delivery of an argument.


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The Ordering Process - what do when ordering your argumentative essay

The ordering process includes:

  • Click on "Order Now"

  • On the Order form input: academic level, subject, type of service (argumentative essay), page count, number of references, formatting style, spacing (double/single), urgency (deadline), writer category (copper, silver, gold, platinum), attachment (include any document that the tutor needs), Order description (write out any instructions needed).

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  • Internal Quality Check

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In case you are still struggling to write an excellent argumentative essay, you can opt to seek argumentative essay help from various academic writing platforms such as Assignment Canyon and Proficient Assignment Writers.

Currently, there are numerous writing platforms, and thus extremely arduous to decide on which writing companies to entrust with your buy argumentative essays and papers. The preferred platform to buy an argumentative essay ought to offer the following benefits:

  • User-Friendly Dashboard:

Effective dashboards ought to properly communicate the relevant information to the user in manner that is simple and easy to comprehend. They ought to be well-structured with a chronological order of information enabling the clients to effortlessly input the necessary instructions; hence placing an order.

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  • Sample Section:

A credible academic website ought to have a section that enables the client to view the quality of assignments being produced for them to make an informed decision. It should possess an array of examples ranging from high school to doctoral academic levels, with a variety of subjects from various disciplines. Additionally, this needs to be accompanied by genuine testimonials of previous and current clients detailing their experiences working with the platform.

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All our tutors are Degree, Master and PhD holders.

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How long will it take to deliver my argumentative essay?

We have professional tutors ready and willing to assist our clients perform their assignments 24/7. They are capable of delivering the custom written essays based on your preferred time-frame; the shortest time around being 2 to 3 hours.

Once you place your order, kindly monitor the progress on the task progress bar in the room section, and rest assured that the tutors will deliver on time.


What information does the tutor require from me?

To ensure the tutors deliver high quality assignments, it is fundamental to provide them with all the relevant information.

When placing an order, kindly include the following: type of assignment and essay, the subject matter, the page count (length), your preferred deadline, the number of references, formatting style, and any other essential detail that is required to adequately perform the assignment, including files.

Note that all the assignments are custom written; hence these details will make certain that the paper is tailored to your unique requirements.


How are payments handled for argumentative assignment help?

Our primary payment platform is PayPal and our account name and address is: Assignment Canyon and

Part of the company’s policy is full payment before the delivery of the assignment via the website and the confirmation can be made through your credit card system or online banking.

We normally fully pay our tutors for them to begin working on the assigned essay, and later on pay the editorial team to ensure they adhered to the client’s requirements.


How do you evaluate an argumentative assignment writer's abilities?

We have a very stringent evaluation process when recruiting new professional writers and/tutors into our academic writing team. Moreover, our quality control system ensures constant re-evaluations and comparisons of the tutors’ works against the company’s high standards for excellence thus guaranteeing high grades for our clients.

The editorial team always assesses the best argumentative essay essays prior to deliver, to ensure all the students’ requirements are met. Additionally, we offer our employees regular classes on how to improve their skills and maintain the required standards. Therefore, you can rest assured that your assignments are in great hands.


Can you get caught buying argumentative essays online?

The answer is a Yes and No. This is dependent on the company you choose to work with. At Assignment Canyon, it is extremely hard to get caught buying argumentative essays by lecturer.

First, we utilize the technologies used by academic institutions to access the plagiarism scores - Turnitin, Copyscape, Plagiarism chacker etc. Also, all our good argumentative essays and essay assignments are delivered with a Plagiarism report indicating the plagiarism score. Thus, this depicts the authenticity and originality of the work.

Second, on placing an order, we highly encourage learners to provide their previously done assignments to access their writing styles. The writing styles include aspects such as language command, grammatical styles, critical analysis styles etc. Assignment Canyon tutors will then mimic the student's writing style. This will ensure that the lecturer cannot tell the difference from the previously done assignments

Another hack - we normally encourage the college students not to allow the tutor to take their entire semester's assignments to ensure consistency.

Our forth approach involves understanding the student's academic capabilities and working from there. A lecturer can easily detect that you got outside help especially if you have been a struggling student and you suddenly start getting higher scores in your work. To prevent this, Assignment Canyon tutors will gradually work on improving your grades. This makes it appear as an organic improvement without alerting the instructor.

The final approach is our confidentiality policy. When you place an order with us, only the administrator has access to you personal information. Moreover, you have the option of registering or contacting us with a pseudo account. None of your real information is needed throughout the essay writing service, process. The only needed information is academic levels, previous academic performance (optional), and assignment's requirements.


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