Music : Essay


Describe, Discuss and Evaluate


Please read all the instructions carefully. Remember that the main point – and the basis of the grade – will not be what you say, but whether you effectively follow the specific format and turn in a complete finished final draft. So be sure to read the instructions both before and after writing the essay. This is being done in a short time and the main things I will pay attention to are listed below.

You will write about a favorite piece of music, as you did in the exercise. You will choose a favorite piece of music – a song, or orchestral piece (not a genre of music). You will introduce the topic, describe the piece of music, and discuss why it is a favorite of yours, using the same concepts of opening paragraphs, objective description and subjective discussion that are in the material about opening paragraphs and about “subjective/objective description” and paragraph unity that I have posted:

an opening paragraph that introduces your ideas but DOES NOT MENTION THE PIECE OF MUSIC DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY;

one or two paragraphs of objective description only, and then one or two paragraphs of discussion about why what you described makes it a favorite.

Finally there will be concluding paragraph that wraps up the essay.

The prohibition on mentioning or referring to the song is only for the first paragraph. The rest of the essay will directly refer to it.

1) The essay must be NO LESS than 600 words. Essay length is

not random – if you cannot reach 600 words without repetition,

there is something you are not doing that you need to be doing.

That is the point at which you should ask for help – do not turn in

an essay that does not meet the word minimum, because it will
then receive only completion credit. (For your information, 600

words is a little over two pages.)

2) No history and statistics. – that means no information at all from outside research of any kind. This information does not actually describe the music, from your own perspective, and does not help me experience it from your point of view.

3) The essay must strictly divide into description and discussion. The paragraphs that describe the music should make it clear to a reader who has not heard it what it is and what it sounds like, and must contain no value judgments (i.e. good or bad, whether you like it, etc.). Be sure you describe what the music sounds like and that the reader knows what kind of music it is. Everything you describe or discuss should come from your own experience with the music.


5) The opening paragraph must not mention the music piece directly or indirectly in any way. The rest of the essay, after the first paragraph, will talk about the music directly.

7) The essay must have a relevant title (not “Essay 1” or “Music Essay”).

8) The essay must be sufficiently finished and proofread to meet the standards of a second essay in a college course under these time conditions. Do not turn in a first draft.

Please double-space your text; be sure that your name and class info are on the first page in the upper left corner, with no title page; title below that, centered. Remember to use page numbers, and a running header or footer with your last name if you know how to do that. I stated these formatting requirements in an announcement on Eagle Online.

Anything I have not specified is up to you. Good luck, and have fun.

You have followed the specific instructions given, including separation of description and personal subjective discussion and the opening-paragraph requirement;

There is nothing anywhere in the essay that is taken from any outside source. Everything in the essay must be your own, from your own perceptions and experience and knowledge.

Course: Engl 1301

Date: 12/22/2017

Music Description- Exercise

A child hood love, that fades away for many years and latter in life the two rekindled their sparks, and promised to love forever. She was afraid that she looked a mess but in his eyes, she will always look perfect to me.

Perfect is a love song that was written and produced by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. This is about juvenile naïve love, when they only shared secrets because when they first kissed he never knew what love was. Professing to never give her up, and to share children and home to gather.

The major reason why the song is captivating is the fact that it is a love song and the story that it tells. The choice of words and the rhythm of the song also make it even more romantic and breathtaking. In addition, the singer has a perfect voice for the performance and that crowns it all. In general, the key, tempo, chord progression, instrumentation, and the vocals of the singer all come up together to make a perfect piece of love music. This song