A Worn Path by Eudora Welty Critique Sample Paper 2020

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A Worn Path by Eudora Welty Critique

Sociological Approach

Life has a knack of throwing obstacles in our way, however, giving up is an unwanted tendency that is ingrained deep in the human soul, no one captures this concept much better than Eudora Welty in The collected stories of Eudora Welty (1982). Once someone is born, by nature they tend to have a great desire to persevere, to live and to push forward no matter the circumstances that come their way. While there are many cases of people choosing to end their life because of one reason or another and known cases where people have actually committed suicide, although some leave notes documenting that they did it because of issues in their life, that is not how human were meant to be. Within them, there is a will to press on and continue fighting. The suggestion of human strength, great enough to push a man forward even in difficult circumstances may sound far-fetched, but is it?

The concept of the human strength and his unending quest to move ahead towards his goal may be disputed by many, however, from Eudora Welty’s work; we see an urge that tramples old age, poverty, and illness of a woman aiming at something. Her age and “patterned skin with wrinkles” was not enough to stop her. The entire work is dotted with great examples that prove this concept to be true over and over again, right from the opening of the story, we see a description that paints a grim picture of the harsh circumstances at that particular time. The author tells that it was a “frozen morning,” too cold and uncomfortable for anyone to be out of their warm house and still it was way too early. Well, this may just be a coincidence, one may say, but may be proceeding further with the story may just show the power of the human strength, how about we dig deeper and see.